02 November, 2010

New Constituency Effort gets cold reception

The Not-for-Profit Organizations Constituency today filed their Charter with the ICANN Board. 

Almost immediately, this new group was met with flack from the NCUC Executive Committee Chair who wrote:

"It is of course you prerogative to apply to the Board whenever you wish.  At this point I can briefly indicate regret about 2 things:

1. You have continued to use a name that you have been told by many, is an affront to many of the members of the NCUC who all identify, except for the individuals, as Non for Profit Organizations.

2. Though you were invited to participate as a prospective Constituency under the charter approved by the NCSG and currently in discussion with the Board and thus to have participated directly in the Committees of the NCSG, you have decided to continue your approach from the outside as opposed to from the inside. Yes, I expect that the Staff has indicated that our structures are not yet approved and thus not valid, but it would have been nice to have had you work with us this past half year.

I do not believe that it will take a few more months for our charter to be approved. But perhaps you know something I don't. I will be requesting that any new constituency wait for approval until such time as the charter is approved."

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