02 November, 2010

ICANN Registries pick a fight with the IPC

In comments submitted on the Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability, and Resiliency, the ICANN Registries Stakeholder Group has reiterated their opposition to enhanced WHOIS searchability.

These enhancements were proposed in DAG4 in order to assist complainants under the UDRP to determine whether a pattern of "bad faith" has been demonstrated by a particular registrant.  The proposed search functions are akin to what has already been available in .name since its inception.  

The registries argue that "the new requirements have many implications that are poorly understood, and some of the requirements may not even be technically possible to implement.  By making the additions mandatory, the ICANN Staff is making gTLD policy unilaterally via the contract process, circumventing the above-mentioned GNSO efforts related to WHOIS, and is also bypassing necessary technical evaluation."

One could surmise, however, that the real reason behind the adamant registry approach is the fact that registries are simply loathe to spend the money required to do what is right.   

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