10 November, 2010

NARALO Unaffiliated Member Representative

Eric Brunner-Williams
The NARALO has elected Eric Brunner-Williams to the position of Unaffiliated Member Representative.  

As some might want to know about Eric's views on current events, here is an entry from his blog, entitled "After 238 days, ICANN reverses on cross-ownership, inviting Verisign to re-acquire Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc":

"The spin from Marina del Rey is: ICANN Board Votes to Enhance New gTLDs Competition: New gTLD Registrars and Registries will Compete for the Benefit of Consumers. What is left unsaid is that the GNSO as a policy development body was ignored, twice. There are no restrictions on brands, they can now get around the "must offer equal access to competitive registrars" rule by running an in-house registrar, so look forward to lots of brands in the Marina del Rey root, and most importantly, Verisign, which has managed to avoid having to pay for the increase in its own competition, is now completely freed of its existing contractual restrictions."

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