05 November, 2010

ICANN/IGF Scheduling Conflict

It has been pointed out on the NCUC discussion list that the upcoming ICANN webinar (22 Nov.) conflicts with the IGF Open Consultations.  IGF members will be taking stock of the Vilnius Meeting.

For those of you following such matters, you still have an opportunity to complete the MAG Questionnaire:

(a) Has the work of the MAG been consistent with the mandate set out in the Tunis Agenda and subsequent decisions?
(b) How best to nominate non governmental members for the MAG?
(c) How best to nominate the MAG Chair?
(d) How best to organize open consultations?
(e) How best to link with regional meetings?
(f) How best to link with international processes and institutions?

You may review the answers already submitted by:

  • Jean-Claude Kamwenubusa, DiploFoundation [doc]
  • Association for Progressive Communications [pdf]
  • The International Institute for Sustainable Development [pdf]
  • UNESCO [doc]
  • Internet Governance Caucus  [doc]
  • NKURUNZIZA Jean Paul, Burundi Youth Training Centre [doc]
  • Sivasubramanian M [doc] [pdf]

Footnote:  From the minutes of the last meeting of the ICANN Board's Public Participation Committee:
  • Actions:
    • Staff to have a closer look at the timing of webinars, taking into account other ICANN meetings, as well as events and holidays, to select times without strong competition for participants. 

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