15 November, 2010

ICANN Violates Disclosure Policy

ICANN's Documentary Information Disclosure Policy (DIDP) is intended to ensure that information contained in documents concerning ICANN's operational activities, and within ICANN's possession, custody, or control, is made available to the public unless there is a compelling reason for confidentiality.

On 8 October, the Registries sent a letter to ICANN concerning the circumstances surrounding the creation of a Board "Data Consumer Protection Working Group"; the letter contained the following request:

"The RySG therefore requests that all materials provided to the ICANN Board regarding this issue immediately be made public so that the community can see the basis for the creation of this new Board Working Group".

The DIDP Policy states:  "If a member of the public requests information not already publicly available, ICANN will respond, to the extent feasible, to reasonable requests within 30 calendar days of receipt of the request."

You will note that this request isn't even posted on the DIDP page, and of course, no requested materials have been made public.


  1. Was the request submitted to the correct DIDP email address?

  2. DIDP requests can even be made via oral requests at ICANN plenary sessions (without recourse to any e-mailed submission) -- see http://www.icann.org/en/transparency/palage-response-22jul10-en.pdf

    It should be sufficient that the request was made in formal correspondence from an ICANN constituency to the Board.