15 November, 2010

Awaiting Summary/Analysis

A review of ICANN's Public Comment pages reveals that eleven forums are still awaiting ICANN Staff Summary/Analysis, even though some comment periods ended as far back as 21 July.

This is unacceptable.  ... and it's not the first time that this has been mentioned.

In a Reconsideration Request posted last February, former ICANN Board Director Mike Palage noted: 

"While ICANN deserves credit for creating public forums to receive public comment, ICANN has fallen woefully short of timely processing these comments. To illustrate this point one needs to look no further than the ICANN Public Comment Page.  On this page there are fifteen (15) public forums “Awaiting Summary/Analysis” eleven of which the Public Forums closed prior to 11 December 2009."

ICANN announced the hiring of new COO two months ago -- the honeymoon is over.  It's time to correct an endemic Staff problem.

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