05 November, 2010

At-Large Election: News from the Grassroots

The African regional at-large organization appears to be rejecting the notion of supporting anyone's petition to be included on the final slate of at-large directors.

From the minutes of their recent meeting:

Petition Candidates

First, do we want to add petition candidates? If so, do we want to support the petition from Avri Doria?
Fatimata:  I am not all in favour of petition candidates.
Tijani:  personally, I am not in favour of petition candidates because it undermines the efforts of the BCEC.
Dave:  I am not in favour of a petition.
Aziz:  We already have Pierre's candidature. I know from some time. Addiing additional candidates to the slate would undermine Pierre's candidature and will decrease his options.
Yaovi:  We want candidates that represent not only AFRALO but At-Large as a whole.
Tijani:  Who is in favor of adding additional candidates to the slate?
No response
Tijani:  Who is against adding additional candidates to the slate?
Yaovi, Fatimata, Tijani, Michel, Moataz, Hawa and Dave were  against supporting a petition

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