06 November, 2010

At-Large Director Elections & A Violation of Trust

Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Chair of the BCEC, writes to the APRALO list:

"As I wrote the the list in support of a petition process  request from Avri  I also do so for this petition request from Jean-Jacques,  who I need to declare as anyone who ever reads his full SoI will discover, Jean-Jacques asked me as Chair of the ALAC  to stand as his 4th reference and I was delighted to do so, I am equally happy to provide copy of this reference (normally references  stay confidential to the BCEC)  to this list if any one so desires..."

You will note that the BCEC Operating Principles clearly state:

5.1 -- Confidentiality and Privacy
All BCEC members will safeguard all internal BCEC communications concerning the applicants and treat them as private, confidential, and for the use of BCEC members and At−Large staff only, without exception.
5.5 -- BCEC members shall destroy all confidential materials related to the work of the BCEC, when the work of the BCEC has ended or when no longer serving on the BCEC.

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