15 October, 2010

New ISPCP Policy Positions

The GNSO's ISPCP Constituency has formulated a set of policy positions.

On Vertical Integration:
"The ISPCP will support the Board in their resolution taken during their Trondheim meeting, for this round of gTLDs, on the basis that further delays to the programme are untenable. However the ISPCP will offer support for the continuation of the WG with the aim of resolving this issue in a satisfactory manner before any further rounds of new gTLDs. For this round it is the view of the ISPCP that the status quo situation should remain."

On Support for gTLD Applicants:
"Accepting that some parties within the GNSO cannot support the Board resolution that financial support will not be available to applicants for this round of new gTLDs, the ISPCP will support the Board resolution for this round. For future rounds the ISPCP would support further discussions on this point, particularly as ICANN would have then gained additional revenue that could be considered as a means of addressing some of those needs."

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