12 November, 2010

Workshop on DNS Security

As reported on the SSAC workplan report:

The SSAC is planning two events in coordination with the DNSSEC Deployment Initiative to be held at the ICANN meeting in Cartagena, Colombia the week of December 6-10, 2010. One is the regular DNSSEC session, tentatively planned for Wednesday, 8 December, that has been a part of ICANN meetings for several years and has provided a forum for both experienced and new people to meet, present and discuss current and future DNSSEC deployments.

The other session, in cooperation with the ccNSO Technical Working Group, is an Introduction to DNSSEC Basics intended for people who are not yet familiar with what DNSSEC is and how it works and feel it's time to get acquainted. This will take place on Monday, 6 December, during the afternoon session of the ccNSO TechDay.

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