02 November, 2010

The Turnover of ICANN Staff

Writing on the GNSO Council list, Adrian Kinderis asks, "Is it the Council's place or business to question the status of staffing at ICANN?  I may be reading this wrong but there seems to have been a spike in staff turnover in the last 12 months."

Board Director Rita Rodin Johnston responds:  "Hi adrian/all - it is a great question. there has been some concern at the board level as well re staff turnover and available resources for icann's workload.    At the bd meeting this past wednesday/thursday, rod addressed these issues, and indicated that we would be presented with an org chart next week at the retreat in palo alto to continue discussions. My understanding is that there is no formal org chart, but that once it is prepared and shown to the board, it will be posted on the icann website.  That should provide more information for us all, and a better understanding of vulnerabilities, if any, to be remediated. Thanks."

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