08 November, 2010

RSSAC on Root Scaling Report:

Excerpted from the last published RSSAC minutes:

3. Root scaling report closure.
Suz:     Root scaling report closure. Few points to discuss, will send around

some time ago, ssac/rssac asked to provide recommendations to icann on root scaling, ability of servers to handle larger root, changes in relatively short period of time. dnssec rollout, size of zone, new gTlds. look at scalability concerns. what recommendations to icann on how to approach.

neither ssac/rssac, joint & separately, problems getting to consensus on recommendations to put to icann. problem.

processes gone into finalizing root dnssec rollout, new gTLD process is winding up. people want closure on outstanding issues. been made clear to me as liaison, board is disappointed to get nothing back along the lines of either 'here is what to look out for' or 'no recoms' reasonable to be asked, reasonable to be asked to comment/recommend should answer. at the level we were asked. "what do you guys think matter to you" -bad news is we are about to become critical path.

good news is, stuff has come and gone, worked example of cooperation in public, among all parties. unprecedented level of public dissemination. Icann has given to us in Anaheim, study they did on numbers, process considerations on numbers. gave a model with kinds of numbers being looked at, scaling root, new gTLD. came as happy surprise how many: hundreds, not thousands/tens-of-thousands.  we have to come up with something, good if consensus position but don't know how to get there. people in the room can come up with something sufficiently high level/abstract/principle-driven, doesn;t need specific numbers, input to BoD. like to see us do it. Don;t see how.

pressure to finalize 'to extent possible' -can come back with caveats and will be heard. input wanted. skeptical about motives, but do want to know. pressure before end of year. closer in, discussions scheduled
end of sept identify remaining issues, how to close. would like something by then, tentative pointer.
goal is working draft, can explain, with caveats, not final, by end sept. 2mo away.

NOTE:  RSSAC is currently meeting in Beijing.  An update will be provided when the next set of minutes are published.

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