05 November, 2010

Registration Abuse Recommendations

The Registration Abuse Policies Implementation Drafting Team (RAP-IDT) has composed a draft letter to the GNSO Council outlining its proposed approach to the recommendations contained in the Registration Abuse Policy Working Group (RAPWG) Final Report.

The highest priority recommendation:  the initiation of a Policy Development Process by requesting an Issues Report to investigate the current state of the UDRP, and consider balanced revisions to address cybersquatting if appropriate. 

This effort should consider:
  • How the UDRP has addressed the problem of cybersquatting to date, and any insufficiencies/inequalities associated with the process.
  • Whether the definition of cybersquatting inherent within the existing UDRP language needs to be reviewed or updated.

CORRECTIONIt has been brought to my attention that the WG's priorities (by ranking) appear in Annex II of the report -- accordingly, the highest priority recommendation pertains not to the UDRP (actually rank #4), but rather to anti-abuse best practices.  My apologies to members of the WG for the mis-statement.

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