10 November, 2010

Re-writing ICANN Core Values

The European Brands Association (AIM) has written to WIPO's Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (SCT) with a proposal to re-write ICANN's enunciated Core Values, stating:

"Cybersquatting, phishing and fraud have increased under ICANN’s watch.  AIM believes that ICANN has focused too much on creating new commercial opportunities (in the pursuit of its competition objective) and focused too little on its obligations to act in the public interest and to promote consumer trust.  AIM is concerned that the ICANN Board is therefore not fulfilling its role as a guardian of the public’s trust.  AIM proposes that WIPO’s SCT recommend a rewrite of ICANN’s mission statement to prioritise the public interest over and above commercial interest. This rewrite will incorporate the Affirmation of Commitments language into ICANN’s by-laws and help give the volunteer ICANN Board a better sense of priority."

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