12 November, 2010

Questions from members of the .jobs PDP Council

A review of the minutes of the .jobs PDP Council reveals that this sTLD policy-making body has a few "issues". 

Listed below are questions asked by the Council members immediately prior to their vote on Employ Media's proposed amendment:

1. What types of companies are TLD operators? Who owns and operates the other TLDs? Are they for-profit or are they not-for-profit?
2. How are TLDs managed (registrations, payments, policies, etc.)?
3. How much freedom do Registry Operators of sTLDs typically have when registering names to themselves?
4. Are Registry Operators required to be non-profits?
5. How would a Registry Operators of an sTLD make money? Do the registrars give them a kick-back?
6. Would Employ Media benefit from a bidding war between Microsoft and Apple? Is that okay as the Registry Operator of an sTLD, or should it really be a non-profit, like SHRM who should have the right to decide?
7. Are there specific rules that govern operation of TLDs in general, and sponsored TLDs in particular, by Registry Operators? How are Internet domain names registered?
8. Are there specific rules that govern the operations of job boards? Are there other instances of a Registry Operator reserving to itself the right to register a reserved category of names?
9. What are the possibilities for, and what is Employ Media’s intent as it pertains to the .jobs domain?
10. Provide information on the role of Employ Media as Registry Operator for the .jobs sTLD?

NOTE:  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) today responded to the Questions posed by ICANN's Reconsideration Committee; their answers are here.

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