03 November, 2010

July's Registry Reports Posted

ICANN, for contractual reasons, posts the gTLD Registry Reports three months after the end of the month to which the report relates; the July report is now available.

For those of you following these reports, you will note that the footnote below has once again been retained this month:

"On 20 August 2010, Employ Media informed ICANN about issues in seven of the per registrar activity reports provided to ICANN during the period April 2009 and May 2010. The issues were in the following three areas: incorrect IANA ID number, Employ Media listed as a registrar, and the transposition of figures reported for the domains-deleted-grace and domains-deleted-nograce columns. Any financial implications (e.g., fees paid by registrars to ICANN) that might have resulted from the issues have been rectified by Employ Media."

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