06 November, 2010

IRTP-B Draft Final Report & Recommendations

The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (part B) WG was chartered to improve certain areas in the existing transfer process.  The group has readied a draft Final Report and Proposed Recommendations.

Some of the recommendations:
  • The WG recognizes the need for a process for the urgent return / resolution of a domain name registration and recommends the creation of an ‘Expedited Transfer Reverse Policy’ (ETRP).
  • The WG recommends requesting an Issues Report on the requirement of ‘thick’ WHOIS for all gTLDs.
  • the WG recommends that only the registrant can effect a change of control, while both the registrant and admin contact remain eligible to authorize a transfer that does not modify any contact information.
  • The WG recommends that if a review of the UDRP is conducted in the near future, the issue of requiring the locking of a domain name subject to UDRP proceedings is taken into consideration
  • The WG recommends standardizing and clarifying WHOIS status messages regarding Registrar Lock status.

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