04 November, 2010

ICANN's Diplomatic Corp

We all know that ICANN's RALOs (regional at-large organizations) go through navel-gazing exercises from time to time... yes, they are still revising their internal Rules of Procedure.

What you may not know is that most of them have chosen to invoke the UN General Assembly Rules of Procedure; for example:

18.5 17.5  The following terms in the UNGA Rules of Procedure shall have the following meanings when invoked under this Rule:
  • “President” shall mean “Chair”
  • Vice-President” shall mean “Vice-Chair”
  • “Member” “Members”, or “Members of the United Nations” shall mean that class of delegate referred to in Rule 1.2 of these Rules
  • “Secretary-General” shall indicate the senior person responsible for the operations of the Secretariat.
  • “United Nations” shall mean “Regional At-Large Organisation” or the relevant other process or body of the At-Large community, including the entire community where that would be the logical intent in the context of the rule, which is availing itself of these Rules of Procedure.
  • “Important Questions” shall mean “matters of substance”
  • “Security Council” shall mean “At-Large Advisory Committee”
So where did I misplace that text of UNGA rule 98(b)? 

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