02 November, 2010

BC Outreach Initiative

ICANN's Business Constituency (BC), long criticized for not being sufficiently representative, is making an effort to expand its outreach. 

Questions recently posed in the BC to their councilor candidates include this:

The BC is comprised of a number of European and North American association and corporations, with a limited number of Latin American and African and Asian or Middle Eastern members. Some member associations have small and mid sized business members/executives from developing countries with a keen interest in participating in ICANN, who are interested in participating in ICANN's activities and initiating activities of relevance to develop input to ICANN from their region/country, but who may need assistance in travel sponsorship to attend one of ICANN's face to face meetings:     a) Are you able to support within the Council and within the BC, the need for ICANN to support a BC or CSG initiative that would support bringing a limited number of  SMEs from developing countries to the ICANN meetings, if that is an initiative supported more widely by the BC or CSG?

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