05 November, 2010

GNSO Cross-Pollination

Liz Gasster, a senior policy counselor for ICANN, has drafted a paper for GNSO Council consideration on the topic of "Cross-SO/AC Policy Development Work".

Liz writes:  "We think the need for and value of cross-SO-AC working groups is likely to increase, which suggests that it may be useful to consider whether special rules and guidelines are needed to assure that the outcomes and recommendations developed by such groups meet current bylaws requirements and that the weight or significance of recommendations developed by these groups, including next steps for further consideration or approval, are clearly defined and understood."

Commenting earlier on the same topic, Tim Ruiz had this to say:  "If we continue down a path of allowing and even supporting such out of band efforts, then eventually such out of band CWGs will become the norm and used by SGs, ACs, etc. to get their pet issues on the table without going through the accepted processes. Setting policy in that manner is not provided for anywhere in ICANN's bylaws, and I think for good reason."

The GNSO Council will take up the topic at their 18 November meeting.

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