07 November, 2010

GNSO Chair candidates begin to emerge

Olga Cavalli
On the ISPCP list, in a post entitled "GNSO Chair Election in Cartagena", Jaime Wagner writes:

I was approached by Olga Cavalli who is intending to present her name for nomination.  Do you know of any other prospect?  Could we endorse her name? We should discuss this during our call.

UPDATE:  On the NCSG Policy List Avri Doria writes:

Based on discussions on this list, I have notified the CSG leadership that the NCSG is interested in nominating Olga, and asked them if they would be willing to endorse her candidacy.  I have confirmed that Olga is interested
in the chair role.

UPDATE #2:  again, from the NCSG Policy list:

After various conversations with NCSP Policy Groups members and with CSG
leadership, I have been informed by Steve Metalitz who is functioning as the
CSG point of contact that there is no objection to a NCSG council member
nominating Olga for chair on behalf of the house.

I understand that Rafik as offered to do this.  I have requested a second
from someone in the CSG house.

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