15 November, 2010

GAC vs. ICANN: A Game of Chicken

Interesting comment from former ICANN Board Director Mike Palage:

"I share your concerns and just wanted to point out the irony of one of the first proposed changes in AGv5:
This Applicant Guidebook is the implementation of Board approved consensus policy concerning the introduction of new gTLDs, and has been revised extensively via public comment and consultation over a two-year period.

While some potential applicants continue to hold out hope that the AG will be finalized next month, the more likely reality is that the ICANN community will have a front row seat to the BIGGEST game of chicken between the ICANN Board and the GAC. Unfortunately, at this late stage ICANN staff (Kurt Pritz) has pretty much tuned out any further changes to the AG from the private sector.

It is now up to the GAC to hold the line and bring about any substantive changes. In fact I would predict some of the fireworks to be on a scale not seen since the good old days of 1999-2000. Although no one will discuss it publicly, this game of chicken will also tie into the IANA contract which expires Sept 30, 2011.  The next 6-12 months should prove very interesting."

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