09 November, 2010

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

On this day in history Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declared holy war against Iran. 

From what we can see, this also appears to be the day that the NCUC has declared war on the NPOC.  Yet another article slamming the proposed Not-for-Profit Organizations Constituency has been penned, this time by NCUC member Konstantinos Komaitis.

He writes:  "Well for starters, NPOC does not belong and should not be part of the NCSG. The fact that this new constituency fails to distinguish between commercial and non-commercial interests and make a decision which to advocate for manifests its highly problematic mandate; it demonstrates a lack of philosophy, which ultimately impacts upon ICANN’s multistakeholder model; it jeopardizes the role and mandate of civil society in other fora, like the Internet Governance Forum.

Under the pretence of advocating for non-commercial users, NPOC is trying to squeeze itself into the ICANN process and it is already indicating its intention to operate as the mouthpiece of the trademark community. We already know that NPOC will disagree with NCUC. This is what this constituency is all about. The vision of this constituency is based on this account. This can only mean one thing: non-commercial interests seem to threaten organisations like ICANN."

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