16 November, 2010

Conflict of Interest Charges Taint At-Large Director Elections

The DotConnectAfrica organization (DCA) has written to the ALAC Chair and to the members of the BCEC asserting that ICANN At-Large director candidate Pierre Dandijou failed to disclose in his Statement of Interest a rather significant conflict of interest -- namely, his ongoing interest in a rival dotAfrica new gTLD proposal.

NOTE:  A review of Mr. Dandjinou's paperwork does indicate that he put forward no disclosures with regard to specific involvement in new gTLD initiatives. 

DotAfricaConnect maintains that Mr. Dandjinou has been credited with giving his consent and contributions as well as leadership to the dotafrica effort, and is now serving as the chairman of the audotafrica taskforce.

After citing eight specific instances related to purported bias, conflict of interest, non-transparency, obstructionism, etc., the organization concludes their remarks as follows:

"Without casting aspersions against his personal character or professional competence the clear conflict that could arise during this critical submission with respect to the Africa gTLD means that he should not be considered as a candidate."

Please note that the ALAC has established a schedule that allows RALOs to discuss their candidates until 22 November.  This is the first such candidate critique submitted to the At-Large community.

For the record, the At-Large Board Selection Design Team (ABSdt) made it a point to state on the Statement of Interest Form supplied to the candidates:  "Actual and potential conflicts of interest will not necessarily be disqualifying".  The ABSdt took no position regarding failure to make disclosure.

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