17 November, 2010

The Capacity Issue

A good post over at CircleId by Chuck Kisselburg on the topic of "capacity"; Chuck writes: 

"As we know DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks occur daily. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, A Forrester survey indicated organizations experienced more than 350,000 DDoS attacks in 2009. Another study, from Arbor Networks, yielded a statistic of approximately 3% of the Internet's traffic is tied to DDoS, or roughly 1,300 attacks each day.

Because of such attacks we have learned where other DNS providers of differing platforms have failed due to not having the capacity to handle the traffic load. Such examples include UltraDNS hit twice in 2009 with regional outages. DNS Made Easy was targeted with a 1.5 hour outage in 2010. Register.com suffered a 3 day attack in 2009 and a more recent attack a couple of days ago."

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