04 November, 2010

Attack Severs Burma/Myanmar Internet

Arbor Network's Craig Labovitz writes:  Yesterday, Burma once again fell off the Internet. Over the last several days, a rapidly escalating large-scale DDoS attack against Burma’s main Internet provider, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication (or PTT for short), disrupted most network traffic in and out of the country. 

We estimate the Burma DDoS between 10-15 Gbps (several hundred times more than enough to overwhelm the country’s 45 Mbps T3 terrestrial and satellite links). The DDoS includes dozens of individual attack components (e.g. TCP syn, rst flood) against multiple IP addresses within PTT’s address blocks (,, and The attack also appears fairly well-distributed — ATLAS data shows attack traffic across 20 or more providers with a broad range of source addresses.

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