13 November, 2010

At-Large Director Community Call

Unbelievable!  The At-Large community came out in massive droves to question their at-large director candidates -- in all (at fifteen minutes into the call) a total of (12) twelve people (other than the candidates and chair) showed up.

The session began with introductions and was followed by what was supposed to be a debate on key issues facing the at-large.  Unfortunately, there was no true debate and no list of key issues was properly articulated.

Next, the question and answer segment began.  Out of 29 written questions earlier submitted only a handful were ultimately posed to the candidates (they ran out of time on the call).

Some of you might be wondering how this Community Call compared to the year 2000 process.  

In the first at-large elections:

-- 323 questions were asked and answered by the candidates
-- 158,593 people registered to vote
-- 76,183 memberships were activated
-- 34,035 people voted

By comparison, this ALAC-driven election process has been an unmitigated disaster with virtually no participation at all.

This is more than a mere disappointment; it's a travesty.

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