11 November, 2010

5000 Obscene Words

Director of the Coordination Centre for TLD .RU, Andrei Kolesnikov, confirmed that “the Coordination Centre has decided to draw up a stop list for the .RF zone” to ban the use of obscene words in the domain names.
“There is already a list of 4,500-5,000 words and word combinations that cannot be used in the names of websites,” he said.

Public registration of new IDN рф .RF (Rossiyskaya Federatsiya) domain names is set to begin today.

Update:  Posted on the GNSO Council list:

"Great news regarding the open registration for Russian IDN .РФ   During the first hour we've got 36607 new domains registered.  During the second hour we've got 43054 and during the 3rd hour we've got 41456 new registrations easily passing the benchmark of  100.000 new domains. Before the start we've got 18000+ domains registered during priority registration for trade mark owners.

This clearly demonstrates a great demand for domains in national languages and proves Russia's position  as a  leader in terms of the dynamic of TLD launch.  Due credit should go to the international community and
their approach to extending the name space."

Andrei Kolesnikov,
Coordination center for top level domain .RU

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