05 December, 2010

Report of the IETF-79

The report from the IETF's Beijing session is out and makes for interesting reading.  An article entitled "IPv6 - get prepared to panic" caught my attention, as did this non-related tidbit:

"A new problem presented by John Klensin during the application open area session in Beijing was that the new version of Unicode disallowed characters that had been allowed before, something that had been expected to be very rare."

On a different topic:  "One interesting piece of news on the pending adding of the .arpa keys to the root zone came up during the week after the IETF. According to observers on the DNSSEC-deployment mailing list .arpa's DS records still have to be pushed to the root by the NTIA. With the Interim Trust Anchor Repository (ITAR) of IANA being put to rest .arpa validation was hampered, at least until ISC took the up the records in the DLV. Some experts seem to be somewhat upset at the delay. A request by this reporter to the NTIA resulted in a “no comment at this time” answer."

Another item of interest:  "IAB Chair Kolkman on Monday gave an update on the IAB ongoing privacy work that includes a highly political debate about how Internet developers should address policy issues like privacy in their work. One of the ideas is to add a section on “privacy considerations” to every RFC document (analogue to security considerations, iana considerations). The Center for Democracy and Technology has proposed to adopt two documents that look into policy considerations in general like „how much could new standards become a tool for censoring or third party control over users. In the privacy documents CDT references also the European Data Protection Directive as a „political“ standard. The IAB together with the W3C is preparing a workshop on data protection and privacy (Dec, 8-9) and received over 50 contributions in response to its call for papers."

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