03 December, 2010

New gTLD Economic Study Phase II Report is Released

From the ICANN website:

Phase II of the independent economic analysis has now been completed.  See Economic Considerations in the Expansion of Generic Top-Level Domain Names, Phase II Report: Case Studies (Phase II Report) [PDF, 782 KB].

In this Phase II Report, Greg Rosston from Stanford University and Michael Katz from the University of California Berkeley, with the cooperation of Compass Lexecon and its Theresa Sullivan, provide an analysis including a taxonomy of gTLD types, potential benefits of new gTLDs, potential costs of new gTLDs, results from empirical research on the domain names associated with top international brands, and a high-level summary of the empirical findings of their overall analysis.


  1. Just been through it, and very disappointing it is. It hasn’t really considered many of the more profound implications of new gTLDs – a missed opportunity.

    Hopefully the timely intervention from the NTIA yesterday on the wider problems surrounding the whole of the new gTLD program will give ICANN the push it needs to look at these economic issues properly!

    Also this report seemed to be more noticeably lacking towards the end; I wonder if it was rushed in light of yesterdays NTIA’s comments?

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