04 December, 2010

Preliminary results of CENTR member survey

From the CENTR Monthly Roundup:

Member Statistical Survey 2010
At the beginning of November, CENTR secretariat published a new survey focusing on Member Domain Statistics.  Members responded so far have been: uk, .nl, .ru, .fr, .es, .se, .cz, .lt, .si, .is. Some the preliminary results were discussed at the recent CENTR Marketing Workshop however are again reproduced here for those who couldn’t attend.
  •  5 / 11 offer direct registrations.
  • Average registrar price of a domain (1 year) = 11.2 EUR
  • Average price of direct registration (if avail)= 44.2 EUR
  • 3 / 11 offer volume discounts
  • Average market share of top 3 registrars: 42%
  • Majority allow two letter domains
  • Parked domains represent on average 7.2% of a registry’s total domain count (compared to 9.4% in Oct 2008 – stats survey from .pl)
  • Average character length of a domain = 11.1

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