01 December, 2010

Not-for-profit Organizations Constituency submits comments

The new kid on the block, the GNSO's Not-For-Profit-Organizations constituency, has submitted a set of comments on the Applicant Guidebook.  Clearly this group will be giving the NCUC a run for its money in the NSCG.

Unfortunately, we don't yet know who the members of this constituency are as no members are listed in their submission (although the submission itself was tendered by Debra Hughes (Senior Council to the American Red Cross).  Perhaps we'll finally find out when their Constituency Charter is posted -- the posting of the Charter is on the consent agenda for Cartagena.

As for the comments themselves... here's the overview:

1) The Board should instruct the appropriate ICANN staff (“Staff”) to initiate the Applicant Support Development Program.
2) The Board should instruct Staff to establish an evaluation fee/application fee that is appropriate for not-for-profit organizations/NGOs.
3) The Board should consider requesting an Issues Report on the feasibility of adding the names of not-for-profit organizations/NGOs to the Reserved Names List.
4) The Board should require its selected Dispute Resolution Service Providers to provide reduced fees for not-for-profit organizations/NGOs for all steps of the New gTLD Dispute Resolution Procedures that incur fees.
5) The Board should instruct Staff to reconsider the impact of the auction procedure on not-for-profit
6) The Board should instruct Staff and the approved Trademark Clearinghouse Service Provider(s) contracted by ICANN to add the names of not-for-profit organizations/NGOs and any trademarks owned by not-for-profit organizations/NGOs into the Trademark Clearinghouse databases without a fee.
7) The Board should encourage the URS Provider to provide discounted fees for complaints brought by verified not-for-profit organizations/NGOs.
8) The Board should instruct Staff to target outreach about the new gTLD Program to not-for-profit organizations/NGOs.

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